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Please don't feel obligated to use these registries!  It's just a compilation of suggestions.  If you have an idea of something that will be perfect for us, don't hesitate!

Are you an artist?  Create something for us to keep for always! 

Are you a writer?  Pen something in our honor that we can cherish and share with our future family! 

Are you a brewer?  For God's sake, share your craft!!!!!

Are you a musician?  Compose us a piece of music that reflects you, us, or both!

Also, if it is an option for you, we request that any larger gifts be sent directly to our home in Eugene.  We are flying in for the wedding, and will only have a limited amount of space for the trip back.  Thank you so much for your love, laughter, and generosity!

Lindsay & Ben Meyer (or Ben & Lindsay Meyer)
2045 McKinley St
Eugene, OR 97405

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